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Latin Freestyle Music

For over 20 years, AM Music Entertainment has been the leading agency for contracting big name entertainment for private parties, public concerts, corporate events and fundraisers around the world.

Latin freestyle or simply freestyle music is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in the New York metropolitan area in the 1980s. Freestyle music is a Latin American-based rhythm with a heavy syncopated drum sound. This style of electro funk was defined as “freestyle” because of the way it was produced and mixed.

Also known simply as freestyle, or Latin Hip Hop, the sound is heavy on drum machines and keyboards, but under the early-techno onslaught and pop sugar lies an emphasis on vocal melodies and syncopated rhythms reminiscent of traditional Latin dance music. Call it sexy or call it campy, this music will make you dance around.

So blow your hair out big, grab your leather jacket, dig around for that old headband, and get ready to dance, dance, dance at your next Latin Freestyle Music themed event, corporate party, wedding, or other entertainment extravaganza.

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